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Join and celebrate “Sta. Mª de la Vitoria” festivity in Málaga city center

  “Magna Cofrade”, invites you to join and celebrate “Sta. Mª de la Vitoria” festivity in Málaga city center. Do not leave this offer to escape and follow with our Cicerone all details and legends from the city, a procession that sorprise you, it is just once in a year! Route day: September 7th and …


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Un nuevo sector para la “Semana Santa Española”

A new sector broke into the country interested about the “Spanish Holy Week” and attends surprised and interested in “MAGNA COFRADE” tours, an unknown world for the Asian tourist who visits our country.


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Día Internacional de los Museos

    Next May 18th is the “International Museum Day”, for that reason “Magna Cofrade” will invite your to visit the Brotherhood Museum for FREE, our “Cicerones” will show very special museum from Malaga city center during 1h aprox. and will explain the Holy Week Spanish secrets. Do not miss this chance! Limited places: reserva@magnacofrade.es Day: …


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Ganadores del sorteo

Los ganadores del sorteo pudieron disfrutar de 2 entradas en palco para ver la salida en primera linea de la Cofradía de los estudiantes el Lunes Santo 10 de Abril, felicidades!!!


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Rutas con la Fundación Once

  Muy felices de haber compartido una de nuestras #rutas con la #Fundación #Once, en una ruta adaptada a todas las #capacidades, la#SemanaSantaMLG la vivimos con todos.



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