Do not miss our Special Route CRISTO BUENA MUERTE LEGIONARIOS that “MAGNA COFRADE” offers you, this route will show you the “Legion” usual procession way from every Holy Thursday, it ranges from its disembarkation in the Port of Málaga until its processional exit the same day. Our Ciceron will tell you the legends and history that surround this Brotherhood, revealing all secrets to understand and enjoy better this special procession from first line.

Starting Point…

1º Our “Cicero” (guide) will wait for you at the agreed meeting point.
2º You must arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes early and we ask that you please do not arrive more than 5 minutes late.
3º If for any reason you cannot make the route, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible through the “Contact” section of the website to avoid any misunderstandings.
4º It is recommended to book the chosen route in advance so that you can secure your departure with the rest of the group, given that we have a limit of persons per tour in order to provide our customers an outstanding experience.
5º Due to the duration of the route, it is advisable to wear comfortable footwear and to bring along your interest in the subject, as you will be amazed at every stage of the tour.

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Aún no nos conoces, pero estás a punto de descubrir a un grupo fantástico de “Capillitas” (apodo que usan cariñosamente los malagueños para describir a las personas que como nosotros, lo sabemos todo sobre la Semana Santa y las Cofradías), y os preguntaréis porqué, simplemente porque nuestra forma de describir y sentir las rutas, os trasladarán a una adelantada semana de pasión que os acabará conquistando tanto como a nosotros.

José María Souviron

Victoria Mezcua

Diego Fraguas

Ignacio Roldán

Alfonso Martos

Route day: March 22th and 29th of 2018

Meeting Point: Alcazaba (Behind to “Student’s Brothehood” main door)

Duration: 1h 30min aprox

Max. group: 18 people

Time: 17h

Price: 18€

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