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We are a company dedicated to the organization of confraternal routes through Malaga, and we are highly dedicated to educating and informing anyone who wants to know more about our malagueña holy week. The people who will accompany you during this exciting journey have grown up and lived among confraternities, are highly specialized, and possess deep knowledge in the subject; their wide experience and specialization in different languages ​​will make your confraternal route an effortless and unforgettable one.

Some of the photographs belonging to the Magnacofrade page have been provided by Ángel Bueno

WWW.MAGNACOFRADE.COM is an agency specialized in organizing and selling on-line confraternal routes in the Malaga province through a team that is passionate about Easter, culture, gastronomy, traditions and stories that surround every corner of our city.

We are a licensed company that can  guarantee to all clients that our agency possesses the permits and insurance required for the legit operation of the company and protection of our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your doubts.

Meet our Cicerones (guides)

You are about to discover a fantastic group of “Capillitas” (a nickname that the locals use affectionately to describe people who, like us, know everything about Easter and confraternities). Our way of describing the routes coupled with our passion about the routes will give you a preview of a week full of passion that will conquer you and impress you as much as the routes have impressed ourselves.

We will tell you about the surprising secrets of each confraternity and we will share the legends and stories that we have heard from our grandfathers and ancestors for centuries, an inherited knowledge that we want to share with you so that at the end of the tour you will feel and understand that Easter is not only meant to observe traditions, but it is about PASSION.

Victoria Mezcua

I am Victoria Mezcua, since I was born I have been playing between candles and brotherhoods. I currently belong to ``Monte Calvario Confraternity``. None of your five senses will escape to the greatness of Easter in Malaga under my point of view, a passion that will catch you as much as me. Let yourself be surprised!

José María Souviron

My name is José María Souviron, since my eyes were crossed with the “Amargura virgin” I have not been the same since, it could be said that it is the Virgin the one that chooses you, not your to her. This curiosity and many other experiences, moments and feelings are the ones that I would love to share with you and become a passion for Holy week which it is continuously crossed day by day in Malaga. Aren't you curious?

Ignacio Roldán

My name is Ignacio and I belong to the ``Pollinica's Brotherhood``. I love Malaga holy week because it becomes in a family tradition, we are not missing any throne !. The “Martyrs Church” is my second home because I do the acolyte around there accompanying the masses every sunday. My presence will be transported you into an endless knowledge about confraternities, images and secrets that enclose every single church from 15th century. Come to learn more about the Holy Week. Why you do not sign up?

Diego Fraguas

My name is Diego Fraguas, since I was born I adore Holy Week! I belong to the “Rescue's Confraternity`` and I completed my first procession with only 2 years old, oddly enough and I enjoyed it so much that I have remained a fixture in the Malaga Holy Week ever since. In each route I intend to transmit all my passion for the Holy Week and show you through my eyes a life's passion.

Alfonso Martos

Greetings from Spain, my name is Alfonso and I want to give you some idea of why I am brother of the ``Students brotherhood” and why I feel a special connection with the Malaga Holy Week: when a was a child, my grandfather used to be very patient building ``capirote of newspaper material`` for me, which I used to play wondering I was in procession route because it was the only way to keep me quiet, and began my life-long passion for this curious spanish tradition. If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate, I'm your cicerón!

Margarita Aguilar

Hi everyone, my roots come from a strong brotherhood family membersships, since I remember I have had the opportunity to enjoy the Malaga Holy Week from one of the oldest districts of Málaga ``La Victoria`` neighborhood and under one of the most emblematic brotherhoods ``The Rescue``. It was my favourite family procession and four different generations (grandparents, parents and children) show me differents points of view, lucky me!. Every single stories will give you a little bit of brotherhood DNA, live it!


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